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About Linda

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Linda Rodriguez McRobbie is an award-winning American journalist, author, and podcaster living in England.

As a journalist, she's covered everything from surprising and unique conditions of memory to whether Shakespeare ever wrote a "bad" play, DIY DNA labs to junk science laws, the ethics of pet ownership to whether invasive species are really so bad after all. Her written work regularly appears in the Boston Globe Ideas section, The Guardian, Atlas Obscura, and others. In 2023, she worked with independent journalism studio Long Lead to report and write the multiple award-winning People vs. Rubber Bullets, a six-part investigative series on the devastating effects of the use of kinetic impact projectiles, popularly known as rubber bullets. 

As a podcaster, Linda was the host, writer, and researcher of iHeart Media's popular Newton's Law, an eight-episode series on Sir Isaac Newton's surprising second career as Warden of the Royal Mint - and a detective, charged with catching and prosecuting counterfeiters. 

Linda is also the author of Princesses Behaving Badly (Quirk Books 2013), a popular history book telling the stories of some of the most fascinating women to bear the title, and the co-author, along with Dr. Margee Kerr, of Ouch! Why Pain Hurts and Why It Doesn't Have To (Bloomsbury Sigma 2021), an exploration of the weird experience we call pain. 

Linda grew up in Texas, went to college in North Carolina, and, after graduating from Columbia University School of Journalism, spent her formative journalistic years in the trenches of community journalism in Boston. In 2008, she decided to move to London, a decision that sounds a lot easier than it turned out to be. She's married to graphic designer Chris McRobbie, and they have two sons and one cat.







Recent work

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The People vs. Rubber Bullets

Long Lead

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