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About Linda

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Linda Rodriguez McRobbie is an American writer and journalist living in London, England. When people ask her what she writes about, the answer is usually longer than anyone wants to hear.


After graduating from Columbia School of Journalism in 2004, Linda began her career in Boston, first at the City Desk of the Boston Herald, fielding phone calls from irate readers and would-be tipsters, and writing articles. From there, she moved to the South End News, paper of record for the South End of Boston, and Bay Windows, paper of record for New England's GLBTQ community.  After four years in the trenches of community journalism, Linda decided to both move to London and become a full-time freelance journalist. Neither decision turned to out be as easy as it first sounded.


Once in London, Linda became the editor of The Periscope Post, an online news site that specialised in highlighting the most interesting and important commentary of the day. In November 2012, she left Periscope to begin work on her first book, Princesses Behaving Badly, published by Quirk Books (order now!).


Back in the freelance saddle, Linda has written for The Guardian, The Boston Globe Ideas section, Atlas Obscura,,, and Mental Floss, both the magazine and the web. Her work has also appeared inThe Atlantic, Christian Science Monitor, CNN Money, US News & World Report, and others.


She's married to graphic designer Chris McRobbie and they have two sons and one cat.







Recent work

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The People vs. Rubber Bullets

Long Lead

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