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In 2021, Linda wrote, researched, and hosted Newton's Law, an iHeart Original podcast about Sir Isaac Newton's surprising second career as Warden of the Royal Mint - and England's chief lawman charged with running down and prosecuting counterfeit coin-makers. 


That same year, she also wrote and read Portrait of a Spy, an audio story for Vespucci Group, about the life of the daring Chevalier d'Eon, the French army captain and spy who made one request of her country: To be recognised as a woman. 

TV appearances

Linda regularly appears as an expert commentator on television programmes aired on The Discovery Channel, the Science Channel, the History Channel, and Netflix, among others. 


She has also appeared in an episode of the Travel Channel's Mystery at the Castle, recounting the story of Princess Caraboo, Regency England's notorious fake princess, and on an episode of the Smithsonian Channel's Million Dollar American Princesses, telling the tale of the wild and irrepressible Clara Ward. 


Linda has been featured on radio stations across the world to talk about her articles and her book (and is usually available to do more, hint hint). 


Here is a selection of some of her radio appearances:

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